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Wooden it be Lovely

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Handmade Wooden Teether/Grasping Toy

Sale Price: $20.00 $22.00

Handmade Wooden Teether/Grasping Toy

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$22.00 $20.00
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These teethers are designed to sooth teething babies and aid in the development of fine motor skills as your little one grasps and discovers these natural wooden pieces. Forget machine made and dime a dozen, these toxin free teethers will surely be cherished. Did you know that wood has natural anti-bacterial properties? To clean simply wipe gently with a damp cloth. Warning: Wood product should be handled and cared for attentively to prevent damage since wood is a natural item and natural variations in the material can occur. * Always inspect your product upon receipt as well as each time you give it to the child, let us know of any concerns so we may rectify * Children should always be supervised with wooden toys, even if they do not contain small parts * Do not submerge/soak in water - spot clean only * Do not put wooden teethers in the freezer * If you notice a crack or breakage, DO NOT give the item to a child

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