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Mango and Moose

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Dads & Grads

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Dads & Grads

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Useful gifts that make a difference in the life of your grad or dad and in the lives of families globally. This simple handmade bracelet is made of full grain Haitian vegetable tanned leather and upcycled brass. + Be tangle free in all your ways with the Taco Cord Wrap! Hand painted with the Caribbean market spirit on sustainable leather. Keeps earbuds and all other phone cords and accessories nicely tucked away. + "It's All About the Journey" Lug Tag is made of leather and colourful clay beads. It’s a great accessory to both your luggage and adventures.

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Includes: Uni-Sex Bracelet, Black Taco Cord Wrap, Lug Tag (Black + White Beads)

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