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About Us


Not all things are equal, life sometimes presents opportunities from the most unlikely situations and slingshot ideas worth doing.

Abelha is here to enable you to scale and allow anyone to appreciate your creations.  You can become your own creator, promoter and turn your ideas into a business.

I created Abelha once I lived the challenges and travelled down the road of starting my own business.  I personally found the entire online aspect of my business quite daunting and decided to embrace something I never imagined.  As women and entrepreneurs, we wear many hats, and this is where Abelha is the marketplace for women by women, breaking down the silos we are currently in. As women we account for the majority of purchases through both our own buying power and influence. 

This is a movement about embracing, empowering and inspiring women entrepreneurs and bringing us all together in a successful marketplace! This is about breaking down barriers and rallying together.


Be the instigator, the dreamer, the creator of ideas worth doing!

Be confident...be open to things you did not imagine.... Join our HIVE!


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