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Why Abelha

Welcome to ABELHA!



ABELHA – a marketplace For Women By Women

This is a movement embracing, empowering and inspiring women entrepreneurs and bringing us all together in a successful marketplace! This is about breaking down barriers and rallying together.

Ranging in shops from fine jewellery to home accents to kid’s stuff, all can be found at ABELHA - empowering women entrepreneurs.

Women and moms are extremely talented, innovative, creative and efficient.  This is transparent as we see all the female created businesses in our communities.  The problem is that many lack the visibility and unfortunately, we are not aware that so many moms and women have their own business.

At Abelha we are DIFFERENT, we are BETTER. We have simplified the process and fees where you don't pay anything unless you sell.  We take a small percentage of sales and there are unavoidable minimal payment processing fees....it's that simple.

The goal of ABELHA is to inspire all women of all ages, inspire moms, and all female entrepreneurs to take that next step, whether it be to initially launch a new business or grow an existing one. Welcome to our HIVE.

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